Dr Ghada Al Tajir is a research consultant, a trainer, a speaker, a researcher and a coach.


She worked at the UAE Ministry of Health for over 20 years, where she has been instrumental in the development of the  key research initiatives. Examples of her achievements include:



We can help you:

1. Establish your Ethics Committee and Scientific Committee

Do you want to ensure that your committee is set up according to the guidelines, and is functioning as per international standards. Start right.


2. Provide training for committee members and for investigators

Whether it is orientation and training for new-comers to your Ethics Committee, or ongoing training which is mandatory for existing members and necessary for them to be able to fulfill their duties – we can provide training that is relevant to those needs, in the context of the local culture and environment.


3. Meeting your goals

You identify your goal, and we work with you to meet it. It could be meeting global deadlines for approvals, or it could be recruitment goals, or even requirements for publications in academia. Whatever it is, we can catalyse the process to make it faster and have better outcomes.


4. Standardize research policies and practices

Clear institutional policies and operating procedures are a fundamental requirement for research. These should be developed, communicated to stakeholders, and end users should be trained on them. We can work with you at any stage.


5. Increase GCP compliance

Is your research being conducted in accordance with GCP guidelines? To what extent are research participants’ rights protected? Are your data credible, and does your documentation support the validity of your data?


6. Enhanced audit preparation

Participating in international multi-centre trials means your facility could be audited or inspected. What are auditors looking for? How do you prepare for an audit? How do you ensure you have a clean track record? Be prepared.


7. Improve metrics of performance

How well are you performing? In terms of approval times, start up times, safety reporting, ongoing training, compliance, audit findings, enrollment and retention?

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Ensure compliance. Be up to date with the international guidelines for research, for publication, reporting guidelines and regulatory requirements. For improved efficiency, improved quality.


Do you want to improve research productivity? Have you been struggling to fulfill your research goals? Understand what the 7 main challenges are and how you can overcome them.